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NICSTOP Cigarette Filters

 Testimonials (Submit your testimonial below for a chance to win a month supply of NICSTOP®)

These filters are great! I buy them at a convenience store, since I started using this product, I feel better and breathe better too. I have been using nicstop for about 2 months now. 
Mary – Kentucky

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it really does work. The filter trapped a lot of tar.
Joshua – Ohio

I have been smoking for 20 years and what a difference it has made to me..no more coughing!  Thank you Nicstop
Nicole – New York

Last week I walked into the store where I always buy my cigarettes and the picked up a pack of NICSTOP and fell in love. Until I quit for good I’ll be using NICSTOP..
Michael - Florida

I refuse to smoke another cigarette without using nicstop filters. I even bought 10 packs to distribute to my family and friends, we are hooked!!!!! Love Melinda E.
Melinda – Arizona

What an amazing filter. I recommend your product to ever smoker I see on the streets.
Harry – Hawaii

If you can't quit smoking..These filters are the next best thing.
Rose – New Jersey

The black gunk doesn’t go to my lungs anymore. Where were you guys all these years I’ve smoked? I wish I had started using Nicstop earlier.
Brad – Wyoming

Hi I’m Jane from GA. I’m on my third pack and will buy these filters for life. What a miracle device these are for smokers like me.
Jane – Georgia

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