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NICSTOP Cigarette Filters

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  Benefits of NICSTOP®

NICSTOP® cigarette filters trap up to 90% of the tar and nicotine in cigarettes without changing it's taste. We simply call it “Less Tar & Nicotine – Same Taste”. Our filters will allow you to breath and taste better in little as an month of use.

This small and simple life saving device, provides intensive cigarette smoke purification. We use the most effective, multi stage, mechanical method cigarette smoke purification that drastically reduces tar, nicotine and other hazards from smoking cigarettes without altering the taste of your cigarette. This is a revolutionary, disposable, advanced cigarette filter made of clear, safe top quality plastic.

The most convincing illustration is that our cigarette filters are clear so you can see the drastic color change of the bright yellow cartridge immediately. You’d be amazed the first time you use NICSTOP® and see the results for yourself.

Breathe easier. Help save your lungs and life. 30 filters per pack – Each filter is good for approximately 4 to 6. Our cigarette filters are easy to use. Just place the NICSTOP® cigarette filter on the end of your cigarette and smoke normally. Instantly see the active filtering system of NICSTOP® in action.

Our filters also greatly reduce the staining of teeth from smoking. Helps to reduce your orning coughs when used regularly. It even makes it easier for those trying to conquer their smoking addictions and quit.

Don’t delay and start using NICSTOP® cigarette filters today. You don’t have to inhale all the hazardous tar & nicotine any longer. Do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it for your loved ones. Don’t let them spend a day without you.

Until you STOP smoking use NICSTOP®