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NICSTOP Cigarette Filters

  Smoking Facts 

8,000,000 ‐ that's how many people the World Health Organization estimates will die from smoking tobacco in the year 2030. In fact, on average, smoking kills one person every six seconds, the World Health Organization reports.

The effects of smoking on human health are serious and in many cases, deadly. There are approximately 4000 chemicals in cigarettes, hundreds of which are toxic.

The ingredients in cigarettes affect everything from the internal functioning of organs to the efficiency of the body's immune system. The effects of cigarette smoking are destructive and widespread.

According to the American Lung Association, cigarette smoking is the most important source of disease and illness and/or premature death worldwide.

Each year, 438,000 Americans lose their lives to smoking-related illnesses.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for a number of serious illnesses including COPD, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, abdominal aortic aneurysm, pneumonia, gum disease, cataracts and many forms of cancer. It can also lead to infertility.

Tar is the most destructive component in habitual tobacco smoking, accumulating in the smoker's lungs over time and damaging them through various biochemical and mechanical processes.

Tar also damages the mouth by rotting and blackening teeth, damaging gums and blocking papillae and taste buds.

If cold turkey isn’t for you, use NICSTOP® as a part of your cessation program to stop smoking. 

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